Infographics 2018 - Gallery & Guide

>> Whether it's visualising a customer journey, a business process or an important checklist, a process infographic can really help people absorb information in a short space of time. 


>> Being able to summarise and communicate information is important, whatever your role.


>> Drop me a line with any good examples of process infographics that you've seen or used. I'm building this gallery to help kick start the creative juices! And for those starting out, i've suggested 3 steps to take at the outset - below:

STEP 1: Get some ideas...

>> First, have a look around the web and see if anything appeals and is relevant to what you want to produce - the gallery below is just a few examples of infographics relevant to my work...

STEP 2: Plan the stages...

>> Next plan out the stages of production, from idea to infographic. The following graphic might help - though most of us will need to take on all 3 roles shown!

Infographics process

From Visually.

STEP 3: Search for templates... Then GO FOR IT!

>> If you're new to this, perhaps start by seeing if the 'SmartArt' options in newer versions of MS Word give you some ideas for basic infographics.

>> After that it's a case of Googling for software or templates that fit with your technical capabilities and resources. Those shown below are free templates from that can be used in Adobe Illustrator.

Source note for infographics shown above:

Infographic vector created by Cornecoba -
Infographic vector created by Freepik