Research & Evaluation


Effective research and evaluation should support the development of models of good practice - identifying weaknesses, learning points and strengths.


At MLR>> we're not afraid to critically challenge, providing an objective 'lens' when assessing how service delivery programmes have been built, to ensure improvement planning is based on sound foundations.


Whether it's data collection, analysis, reporting or presentation of key findings and implications, MLR>> provides an expert, impartial critical friend and hands-on support.


Our specialities include:

  • Evaluation and needs assessments
  • Cross-sector application of research methods (qualitative, quantitative & secondary data analysis)
  • Consultation and engagement, ranging from hard to engage groups to strategic decision-makers


Our services include:

  • Evaluations - process & multi-level
  • Action planning
  • Needs assessments & gap 'audits'
  • Policy analysis & interpretation
  • Consultation design & engagement plans
  • Telephone surveys
  • In-person interviews
  • Site visit observation
  • Discussion & focus groups
  • 'World-cafe' events & workshops
  • Data collection among hard-to-engage populations (e.g.offenders; military 'veterans')
  • Data sharing protocol design
  • Statistical analysis
  • Visualisation, mapping & GIS advice
  • Performance management, monitoring & tracking
  • Neighbourhood profiling
  • Reputation & brand assessments

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