Training & Capacity Building


At the start of every project we work with the customer to identify opportunities for joint learning and to embed research techniques as a standard 'added value' to our service (to enable in-house replication & sustainability).  


However we also deliver bespoke training packages, that can be tailored to your sector, organisation and needs. Services include:

  • 'How to..' half day workshops on a range of business improvement topics, including: Evidence-base 'PITCH' Inspections (PITCH is Performance Interrogation, Testing and Checking); Linking Business Strategy to Academic Research; Local Procurement for Maximum Impact.
  • Flexible 1-to-1/group training sessions with staff, on a range of applied knowledge/skills topics, including: Using evidence of 'what works' to inform policy; Effective application of social research methods; Effective use of GIS, mapping and visualisation.


Our training and capacity-building service can be customised using a range of service options, including:

  • Interactive workshops (e.g. 'How to...' training) and dynamic, task orientated events (e.g. 'world cafe' action planning)
  • Sector-specific guidance notes, for staff induction programmes or continuous professional development purposes.
  • Strategic planning
  • Project and programme scoping
  • Knowledge exchange & knowledge transfer advice
  • Staff coaching (1-to-1 or in mentor groups)

  • Facilitation of your events

  • Objective, external input at staff interviews or staff performance development plans


Finally, our Promotion and Publication service (delivered by our associate independent publishing house, Cambridge Research Centre) can help you get your message across effectively and quickly. Services include:

  • Event filming - whether it's a round table discussion, staff/management training films or a major event your hosting. See the variety of video formats here
  • E-books
  • E-Newsletters
  • Website design
  • Photography


For more information, or to discuss potential projects, please get in touch.

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