MLR>> is a social research consultancy, based in West Kirby (Wirral), that works across Merseyside, Cheshire, North of England and UK.


MLR>> is all about applying social research to improve local communities. The 'local' and 'community' elements will vary with each project, however the skills and understanding we bring to bear are consistently grounded in quality methods, applicable to many different fields, and adaptable.


The business model revolves around our experienced principal researcher, Michael Lloyd, being able to work effectively with each client to design customer-focussed delivery plans, that lead to effective project implementation - utilising the best mix of skills and resources available to Michael via his network of trusted associates.


Projects are designed to:

  • support your priorities
  • recommend actionable improvements
  • maximise impact whilst delivering value for money


The links on this page provide more information on: how MLR>> works; our clients; plaudits/ testimonials received; our commitment to social responsibility / social value.