Victim & community safety

Project experience includes....


To develop an effective response to crime and ASB partnerships need to share knowledge on all facets of victimisation, offending, & perceptions of crime and safety. Understanding of post-victimisation aftercare is also vital.


At MLR our experience includes:

  • Victim service user and provider engagement.
  • Collaborative partnership events (e.g PCC workshop on hidden crimes).
  • Developing innovative crime/anti-social behaviour systems and protocols (e.g. Faithwatch initiative, on victimisation of places of worship on Merseyside).
  • Evaluation of community safety / criminal justice system (CJS) programmes.

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The flow diagram below is a useful summary of crime statistics available at different stages in the criminal justice system (CJS), as summarised by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This has most recently been updated in 2017 and the full report and source information is here

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Click on image below to access the ONS report and flow diagram on key crime statistics available at stages of the CJS

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