Reputation audits

Innovative partnership working is a necessity for many cash-strapped organisations.


Prior to joint working, prospective partners need to seek out complimentary skills, vision and values – and critically assess reputation and communication styles. So, how do you:


>> monitor how your corporate reputation looks through an external ‘lens’?

>> target communications for impact?

>> strengthen relationships with external strategic stakeholders & prospective partners?


A cost effective tool is an independent telephone survey of your external ‘critical friends’, to understand more about what external partners and competitors think about your reputation and ‘brand’.


MLR experience includes:

  • Informing corporate Communication Audits through targeting Members of Parliament (MPs), Councillors, senior council officers and other local partners (e.g 50 interviews were conducted via telephone for Liverpool Housing Trust).
  • Sector-specific communication strategies (e.g social housing reputation, communications and relationship assessments – including 2013 study for Contour Homes).
  • Improvement planning and policy-relevant reporting / presentations to senior management teams.

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