Offender research

Project experience includes....

Offenders are one of the most socially excluded groups in society. Many have multiple and complex needs, that often translate into a disproportionately intensive use of public services.


Addressing inequalities that offenders and their families face can have a significant impact on reducing re-offending and social exclusion. This in turn can ultimately lower the cost to the public purse of servicing often avoidable demands for help and support.


At MLR>> we've built up a comprehensive track record in 'unpacking' the range of multiple and complex needs of offenders, helping service commissioners to understand how best to target limited resources. We have experience in:

  • Evaluation of Integrated Offender Management.
  • Offender health needs assessments.
  • Cohort specific analysis (e.g. Female and Military Veterans).
  • Supporting and initiating action plan development.

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